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Welcome To GigaLAN

GigaLAN is run by two ‘gaming-addicts’ who are highly involved in the gaming community.
Since our first GigaLAN party in late 2010, numbers have steadily increased growing from a relatively small sub-group of gaming fanatics, and now including a much larger, mainstream fan-base.

We feel that our popularity stems from our welcoming attitude to members & attendees from all backgrounds
This equity principle is evident in our event history, where every attendee has felt welcomed, safe and comfortable at our alcohol, drug free events.

It is our desire to see GigaLAN parties being thoroughly enjoyed by all attendees, and we feel that our LAN events offer a safe alternative to less savory entertainment options.


Team Competitions

DOTA 2 (5v5): 1pm Start
Team Fortress 2 (3v3): 12:30pm Start
Counter-Strike GO (5v5): 5pm Start

Player Competitions

Minecraft (Build Off): 12:30pm Start
Hearthstone (Best Of 3 Rounds): 4pm Start
CS:GO Arms Race (Free For All): 10pm Start
Trackmania Nations (First Place): 6pm Start
GTA SA MP: 8pm Start
Flatout 2 (First Place): 9pm Start
Armagetron (Free For All): 11pm Start
Cards Against Humanity: 12pm Start
Halo Online: TBA

Tournament Timetable Click Here
*A competition may be cancelled due to lack of interest.*
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Where is GigaLAN ?
Werribee Masonic Centre 223 Watton Street, Werribee VIC 3030

How much does GigaLAN cost ?
Price of entry is $20 per person, per PC. That gets you permission to enter the facility and use the network, power & seat for the entire event.
We also do a pizza run on Saturday night for $10.00 ( Large pizza & 1.25L bottle of drink ).

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Event Rules

The following applies to all participants and spectators attending any GigaLAN events.

• Cheating is not permitted.
• Possession and or use of any weapons.
• No threats of physical violence (whether intentional or otherwise).
• GigaLAN takes no responsibility for any person’s equipment, possessions, or actions
• No consumption or possession of alcoholic beverages or drugs is permitted at GigaLAN events.
• Using, stealing, damaging or reconfiguring another person’s equipment without their express permission.

Any participant or spectator breaching these guidelines will be subject to the following penalty’s.
• Revoking of rights to any prizes, freebies or giveaways.
• Forcibly removal from the venue by security and/or be handed over to the police.
• Permanent ban from GigaLAN events.

What to Bring:


  • PC, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Power Cables
  • Headphones
  • Games & Patchers
  • Hardware Drivers & OS on removable media
  • Chair, Pillows, Sleeping Gear (Optional)
  • Good Attitude !

Do Not Bring:

  • White Goods (Fridges, Kettles, Microwaves, etc)
  • Speakers or other potentially irritating devices
  • Alcohol, Drugs, Firearms or Weapons
  • NAS Devices & Servers
  • UPS’s, or any device that may draw higher power usage
  • Quantities of caffeinated drinks that may be considered dangerous levels

All decisions by the Admin team are final and no discussion will be entered into.
If you don’t agree with the above rules don’t register for the event.


Registrations are now closed.

Be aware that by registering for a GigaLAN event you are agreeing to the Event Rules.
Should you not agree to abide by the Event Rules then don’t register for the event.

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